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Answers to common questions we hear

Do I need to use Sales Navigator?

Ideally. From search results, CASTANET only works from Sales Navigator searches. Though, it can create lists from people who interacted with (liked/commented) posts regardless of if you have Sales Navigator.

How many LinkedIn profiles can I manage with CASTANET?

As many as you want, according to the CASTANET plan you choose.

How many actions does CASTANET take in each profile per day?

LinkedIn has limitations on how many searches you can do, and how profiles you can view in a day. We set upper bound limits to help keep you under the limit.

How many people do you import from a given Sales Navigator search?

While you may settle on a search that has thousands of results, LinkedIn will only show you the first 1000 results. Therefore, we recommend you narrow your searches down to 1000 people or less, otherwise we'll just pull in the first 1000. This is good anyway, as it let's you created more targeted campaigns and messaging.

What happens if the same person ends up in multiple campaigns?

CASTANET does its best to keep people from getting put into multiple campaigns under the same LinkedIn account. This is because this is generally undesirable as it might come across as spammy.