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Your LinkedIn Fortune Awaits

Traditional LinkedIn outreach is slow and time-intensive. CASTANET's sophisticated toolkit unlocks new revenues streams for entrepreneurs, sales teams, and agencies.

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"It's like having a marketing pro on staff, managing my LinkedIn profile."

CASTANET cultivates leads in the background, leaving you free to close deals.

Identify Your Ideal Lead

First, we build a target list, based on search parameters, a list you import, or interactions with a specific LinkedIn post.

Craft Your Message

Customize unlimited messaging sequences with content tailored to your target audience, and perfectly timed sending.

Watch Your Pipeline Fill

With your target defined and your custom messaging created, it's time to focus on what you do best, while CASTANET enhances your LinkedIn outreach.

Safe & Secure Enhanced LinkedIn Engagement Technology

  • Dedicated IP Address Each profile gets its own IP address to safely connect you to LinkedIn.
  • Randomized Delays between actions Our virtual assistants perform LinkedIn actions following normal user patterns.
  • Cloud-based You don’t even have to be logged in — we run 24/7 in the cloud at your convenience
  • Intelligent Limits We allow you to customize the number of messages, invites, views, follows and more per day. We even let you remove pending invites automatically.
  • Deep Segmentation Create lists of people who interacted with any LinkedIn post

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"This is stupid, it'll never work. That's what I thought about automating my LinkedIn campaigns (and I've tried every tool)...until I tried CASTANET. Not only does it give me the ability to connect with the people I can help the most (and I'm growing my network by about 800 connections/mo), but the capabilities to set up campaigns is an absolute game changer. LinkedIn is so much more than prospecting and a place to publish content. With CASTANET, it's also a great way to promote everything I'm doing, one-to-one. 5 stars."
Liston Witherill Sales Trainer & Business Coach
"Our agency has been using LinkedIn automation platforms for the past 2 years. We took a look at CASTANET and found a much more intuitive, and feature rich platform than the others to date. We also found the company to be very responsive to feature requests. CASTANET is the new partner of choice for our LinkedIn campaigns."
Chris Strachan Founder, SVGA

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