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How It Works

The highest quality reliable lead generation for you or your clients

Create lists from Sales Navigator searches

You set the search parameters, CASTANET creates a custom outreach list from the matching profiles.

Lists from Post Interaction

Create highly-targeted lists of users who interact with any specific post on LinkedIn.

  • Get likers, commenters, or both
  • Target your own posts, or anyone else's!
  • Create instant rapport by referencing the post in your message sequences.

Action Sequences

Create elegant timed action sequences. Choose from a variety of actions, add the perfect delay between actions, and put them in whatever order works best for you.

  • Trigger a profile view
  • Follow a user
  • Send a Connection Invite
  • Send a message

Get Priceless Insights

See at a glance which outreach campaigns are succeeding – powerful feedback for optimizing your messaging.

  • Connection request acceptance rates
  • Reply rates
  • Average messages until first reply
  • Monthly stat breakdowns, and more...