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Accelerate your growth with targeted, personalized, and authentic outreach campaigns.

How fast do you want to grow?


for 1 LinkedIn profile
Target Sales Navigator search results
Target your followers
Target based on LinkedIn post engagement
Unlimited campaigns
Unlimited sequences

Small Team/Agency

3 LinkedIn profiles included
$99/mo per additional profile
Everything in Solo, plus...
Priority customer support

Large Team

10 LinkedIn profiles included
$79/mo per additional profile
Everything in Solo, plus...
Concierge onboarding
Premium customer support


per LinkedIn profile
Gold-standard CASTANET experience, done for you A-to-Z by one of our marketing experts
Profile audit
Crafted messaging
Managed campaigns


"This is stupid, it'll never work. That's what I thought about automating my LinkedIn campaigns (and I've tried every tool)...until I tried CASTANET. Not only does it give me the ability to connect with the people I can help the most (and I'm growing my network by about 800 connections/mo), but the capabilities to set up campaigns is an absolute game changer. LinkedIn is so much more than prospecting and a place to publish content. With CASTANET, it's also a great way to promote everything I'm doing, one-to-one. 5 stars."
Liston Witherill Sales Trainer & Business Coach
"Our agency has been using LinkedIn automation platforms for the past 2 years. We took a look at CASTANET and found a much more intuitive, and feature rich platform than the others to date. We also found the company to be very responsive to feature requests. CASTANET is the new partner of choice for our LinkedIn campaigns."
Chris Strachan Founder, SVGA

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